Lucas Bourneuf

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2016-2019 (expected)

PhD, Computer Science; IRISA, Université de Rennes 1, DYLISS team

Thesis title: Justifiable graph decomposition to assist biological network understanding supervisor: Dr. Jacques Nicolas

Master Bioinformatique et Génomique; Université de Rennes 1 (rank=3/36)
Licence informatique; Université du Maine (Le Mans) (rank=1/24)

Scientific Publication

ICFCA 2017
Int. Congress on Formal Concept Analysis (acceptance rate 30%). L. Bourneuf, J. Nicolas ; FCA in a Logical Programming Setting for Visualization Oriented (Power) Graph Compression.
Best paper award. link.

Teaching & Science Popularization

Blog articles

popularization, opinions, project presentation

git, python and java (master’s degree) (2015-2017)
git, network, graph theory (bachelor’s degree) (2017)
Participation to & organization of Science-en-Cour[t]s

Professional Experience


Engineer (2 months) in the DYLISS team on formal methods applied to agronomic data

supervisor: Dr. Denis Tagu


Internships (4 and 6 months) at Inria-Bretagne in the DYLISS team on formal concept analysis, graph theory and constraint programming applied to biological data

supervisor: Dr. Jacques Nicolas

Participant to Hackathon Les 24h du code at Le Mans. rank=1 in 2017.
Congress host at the CIGRÉ (international congress on electricity transport).

Technical Experience

Thesis related repositories
PowerGrASP: Power Graph compression implementation — Python, ASP
BubbleTools: Power Graph programmatic handling — Python
Clyngor: Embedding of ASP in Python — Python, ASP
rofetta: Convertion between the main contexts encoding of FCA — Python
navicept: Implementation of ASP-based lattice navigation in GUI — Python, ASP
biseau: Implementation of a generalist model builder — Python, ASP
Side projects
linear-choosens: efficient implementation of random selection of n elements in m — Python
Weldon: Programming education helper — Python
bfia: Meta-meta-heuristic validates unit tests with brainfuck — Python, C
graffunc: Graph of function — Python
ACCC: Compiler of whatever to whatever — Python
gerobust: Wrapper for robust geometry — Python, C
pynclose: Wrapper for nclose concept enumeration algorithm — Python, C
NeuralWorld: Binary neural networks simulation — Python, ASP
gravastre: N-Body simulation — C++, Qt, SPARQL
Constellations in 3D: automatic 3D visualizations of constellations — Python, gnuplot
SE-pioneers: Poc for asynchronous multiplayer for Space Engine — Python, gnuplot