Lucas Bourneuf

Ph.D, Data Scientist, Bioinformatician

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Professional Experience

Python dev at Apside Brest.
Python dev and conversationnal toolkit designer at SII Brest, Arkéa Crédit Mutuel.


Phd Student, in the DYLISS team on Formal Concept Analysis, Graph theory, and formal modeling. Supervisor: Dr Jacques Nicolas.


Engineer (2 months) in the DYLISS team on formal methods applied to agronomic data. Supervisor: Dr Denis Tagu.

Internships (4 and 6 months) at INRIA-Bretagne in the DYLISS team on formal concept analysis, graph theory and constraint programming applied to biological data. Supervisor: Dr. Jacques Nicolas.

Participant to Hackathon Les 24h du code at Le Mans.
Subjects: AI, operation research, serial communication, user accessibility, network, testing. Rank=1 since 2017.

Congress host at the CIGRÉ (international congress on electricity transport).



PhD, Computer Science; Université de Rennes 1, Inria, DYLISS team

A search space of graph motifs for graph compression: From Powergraphs to triplet concepts, defended on December 17, 2019, supervised by Dr Jacques Nicolas

Master’s degree in Bioinformatics and Genomics; Université de Rennes 1 (rank=3/36)

Degree in Computer Sciences; Université du Maine (Le Mans) (rank=1/24)

Scientific Publication

ICFCA 2019
International Congress on Formal Concept Analysis. L. Bourneuf, J. Nicolas ; FCA in a Logical Programming Setting for Visualization Oriented (Power) Graph Compression. publication.

FCA4AI 2018 (workshop at IJCAI/ECAI)
Formal Concept Analysis for Artificial Intelligence (acceptance rate 60%). L. Bourneuf ; An Answer Set Programming Environment for High-Level Specification and Visualization of FCA. publication, software.

ICFCA 2017
International Congress on Formal Concept Analysis (acceptance rate 30%). L. Bourneuf, J. Nicolas ; FCA in a Logical Programming Setting for Visualization Oriented (Power) Graph Compression.
Best paper award. publication.

Teaching & Science Popularization

Informal writings
Science popularization, research, project presentation, tutorial. For instance, a git tutorial and parsing advices on, the website of the french bioinformaticians community. I wrote an ASP tutorial in french, a tutorial to set up mail addresses with specific domain name, and modelizations of puzzles on my personal blog.

git, python and java (master’s degree) (2015-2018)
network (bachelor’s degree) (2017)

Science popularization
Participation & organization of the science popularization festival Sciences en Courts (2017, 2018, 2019)

Technical Experience

Mathematics & Graph Theory
PowerGrASP: Power Graph compression implementation — Python, ASP
rofetta: Convertion between the main contexts encoding of FCA — Python
graffunc: Graph of function — Python
phasme: CLI tool to handle graph in multiple formats — Python, ASP

biseau: Implementation of a generalist model builder — Python, ASP
bakasp: Auto-generation of websites allowing users to explore combinatorial spaces — Python, ASP

Heuristic & Simulation
bfia: Meta-meta-heuristic validates unit tests with brainfuck — Python, C
NeuralWorld: Binary neural networks simulation — Python, ASP
gravastre: N-Body 2D simulation — C++, Qt, SPARQL

Language & Compilation
clyngor: Embedding of ASP in Python — Python, ASP
ACCC: Compiler of whatever to whatever — Python

linear-choosens: Implementation of Vitter’s random sampling algorithm — Python
navicept: Implementation of ASP-based lattice navigation with GUI — Python, ASP
pynclose: Wrapper for nclose concept enumeration algorithm — Python, C