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Arc, or the new implementation of the hundred years old language

24/12/2017     permalink     linked site

First released in 2008, arc (or anarki, for the community-driven fork) is a lisp-derivative directly coming from Paul Graham.

To me, it seems that lisp-derivatives future are best represented by Arc and Racket (i do not understand exactly the relation between the two, but both communities are well-aware of the other, and seems to share a common source core ; is racket based on arc/anarki ? One supplementary reason to learn it ! Racket makes eyes at me since i discovered it).

The first seems to me that it's mainly implemented, fed and builded by and for a niche of lisp-enthousiasts with very philosophic ideas of what should and what should not be in a good language.

The second is much more general-scientific programmer oriented, with a more practical approach, and with dozens of features that range from funny to killing (make your own languageā€¦ i have to code an ASP mapping !). I am hyped by Racket, therefore not very objective.

You can give a shot to Arc here.